Afternoon Tea on me

Bowling date night

Breakfast in Bed

1 soppy  Facebook post

get out of the doghouse free card

One game of Truth or Dare,

Date Night – No Phone, TV, Music just us

Shower for 2

Personal servant for the day

One guilt free night out with your friends

One Wish ,i’ll try and make it a reality

Grocery Shopping for one weekend Completely Free.

Invite your family over and i’ll cook.

Any three jobs you want done in the yard or garage.

A night of strip poker guaranteed to provide a wild time.

One weekend getaway at any destination of your choice.

Half an hour of cuddles anytime you want.

No phone for 24hrs

A night of playing your favourite game.

A list of ten reasons why I love you.

One quick trip to the store when you have a craving

Any chore you want done for one whole week.

Takeaway of your choice

Re-live the First Date

Weekend Camping Trip

Lets get pedicures together, on me

 Game of hide ‘n seek

One free pass to drag me to Dancing Lessons

Horse tracking date organised by me

Photo shoot of us on me

Chauffeur for the day

1 trip to IKEA

1 free pass to get me up early for a car-boot sale

Comedy Club and drinks date

One adventure in the wilderness organised by me

Movie Marathon of your choice

Duvet day and start a series of your choice

Netflix and chill evening, you pick the movie

1 pass to get a pet of your choice

Go on a museum date.

Picnic in the park

Long walk along the sea front

Trip to pick our own pumpkin and  have a carving competition

One trip to the theatre to watch a show of your choice

Night in of board games and wine

1 date at a pottery class.

Date night taking a cooking class.

Go to the opera.

Stay in bed whist i get the kids ready

Night in, Film of your choice and sweets

1 “you win the argument pass”

Date night at the ballet.

1 date night at the pub quiz

Cheeky Nandos Trip

I’ll try and get tickets for a gig of your choice

Play on the Xbox all weekend with no complaints from me

Play on the PS4 all weekend with no complaints from me

Go to the game with the lads, just be home for 12!

Trip to a haunted house.

Bird watching at the park

1 day spent baking together

Karaoke Trip – I have to sing one song

ice skating Trip

paint balling date

Long day date with the dogs

I’ll arrange a double date with a friend of your choice

One night Making our own pizza

Get a hotel room for the night

Pick a Comic Con and we’ll go

Arcade day on me

1 Hour Full Body Massage

3 Course meal cooked by me

Day out at Chester Zoo

Spa day on me

Free Offer of doing the dishes for one week.

One romantic Sunday afternoon at the park.

Trip to the Beach for Ice Cream and Chips

One Saturday night on the town

Half an Hour of relaxing foot massage

Your choice of movie tonight.

A Luxurious bubble bath

One shopping spree worth £100

One Whole Day of Golf – Free from any subsequent sulkiness.

One Friday cocktail evening of Wine and Cheese with romantic conversation thrown in completely Free.

One pack of your favourite chocolates – free from all subsequent hints on weight-related matters.

One night out with the girls/boys while I babysit.

A special night of dressing up and having dinner at a fancy restaurant.

One evening at a football game or any other sports event of your choice.

One carwash with a promise to fill up the gas tank – Totally Free.

One sleep-in on any morning of your choice.

A Friday Dinner at your ethnic restaurant.

One Saturday night Dance at a favorite nightclub

Guaranteed fulfilment of your wildest fantasies in bed.